Southampton University Chaplaincy

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University chaplaincies have a difficult life. A fusty image, squashed between student support services and students who consider Christianity, let alone the chaplaincy, irrelevant, it takes some dedication to turn things around and reinvent the place.

That's what Southampton University's Chaplaincy decided to do in the summer of 2007, with a new chaplain at the helm. The brief we were given was to make a site attractive to students, with a bright, vibrant feel, stressing the unique qualities (free tea & coffee!) and drawing people in to participate.

What we did

We started off by producing a new branding for the chaplaincy which reflected their casual atmosphere and Christian ethos. The design was inspired by the youthful exuberance and consummate tea-drinking capabilities of the students, and strove to capture the atmosphere of the place.


"It's just right", "That's so us!" and "It's wonderful" were just some of the accolades we received when the website launched.

Project Details

Client: University of Southampton Chaplaincy
Date: 2007

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