Our Technical Expertise

We enjoy the challenges thrown up by web application development and the cross-disciplinery nature of developing applications that are easy to use with a great user experience and simultaneously are solidly engineered and maintainable.

We practice iterative development and rapid prototyping, but we also believe that a well-engineered system is worth the extra initial investment, and pays for itself in ease of maintenance and adding new features in the following years. We write predominantly Object-Oriented code using a Model-View-Controller approach, usually engineered around the PHP 5 Symfony or Kohana frameworks.

Our experience shows it's worth it - on one site we were able to replace the core business logic when things changed hours before the site went live! Not a recommended approach, but nice to know it's possible if the market changes that quickly...

Framework experience

We're experienced Symfony developers, and use the Kohana framework for projects with leaner requirements. We've worked extensively with the MODx content management system, and also develop websites using SilverStripe, Drupal and Wordpress.

APIs and data feeds

We work with estate agents to reformat and publish their data for display on external sites such as RightMove, PrimeLocation, Homes24. We've worked with the rich APIs from Google Maps, Amazon, UPS and Fedex. We also like creating an API interface for your website to allow others to consume and access the data.

Image processing

One of our areas of speciality, we generate, composite and create and manipulate images for online and print use, in realtime on your webserver or queued to run asynchronously. No more need to have a designer in a print-shop inserting user-submitted images into print-ready templates - we can generate them automatically.

Our specialities in a nutshell

  • PHP 5 / OOP / MVC
  • Symfony, Kohana, Zend Framework and RAD
  • Front-end development - UX, jQuery, valid XHTML/CSS
  • Image generation, processing and rendering