Symfony web development

Symfony is an enterprise-level web development framework following MVC best-practice programming techniques and with a strong emphasis on application security. It is open source and commercially-backed, and the culmination of 11 years experience by Sensio, a leading French web agency.

It has been desigend for professional websites with complex needs and demanding environments, which need to be robust and scalable, and which need to be maintainable and evolve over time.

Most of our bespoke projects are developed using the Symfony PHP5 framework. In addition to creating custom applications for customers we also offer:

  • Symfony consulting - advising companies on Symfony best practices and when to use (and not use!) Symfony
  • Symfony development services - the natural response to share our skill with other companies

Why choose Maple Design as your Symfony development partner?

Why we chose the Symfony web framework

We've worked on large projects using 3 PHP frameworks (CodeIgniter, Kohana  and Symfony), and Symfony is our developers' pick as the most suitable technology for many projects.

Frameworks written in PHP aren't as sexy as Ruby on Rails or as enterprise as Spring, yet PHP occupies the sweet spot for common business problems, solving them efficiently, in the minimum of time, and with an evolved heritage and support structure.

We also use components from Zend Framework when applicable - in our eyes it's a library and not a framework.

Examples of our Symfony work

Take a look at some of the sites we've built using Symfony: