The Maple Design Advantage

With so many web agencies competing for business, what makes Maple Design stand out and gives our clients an advantage?

There are three key areas:

  1. Competitive advantage – our websites are financially sound investments
  2. Service advantage – attention to detail, going the extra mile
  3. Quality advantage – our websites are built to last

1.  Our competitive advantage

We work closely with clients to determine exactly what they need to meet their objectives. Each project is treated individually, using our years of experience to find a solution that does 100% of what you need. Because of this, virtually all our recent websites have both proved to be sound investments for their owners.

2.  Our service advantage

We’re fanatical about customer service. We’re responsive, on hand to help, and just a phone call away. We're known for going the extra mile to make things ‘just right’. If you need changes made at a later date, we’re usually able to fulfil them within 48 hours.

3. Our quality advantage

We don’t consider ourselves computer operators, we're artisans. Working with skill and a high attention to detail, we take pride in our creations. We practice sound engineering practices and our websites are built to last. Our websites are extensible – when you need new features there’s no need to replace the website.