Photo of Peter Bowyer, Director of Maple Design Ltd

We make it happen, but we couldn't do it without you

Peter Bowyer, Founder

# Our team

Maple Design was founded in 2006 by Peter Bowyer. Born out of frustration at the results he saw agencies leaving on the table, our mission has been to impact companies and develop longer-term digital strategy.

We’ve been doing digital transformation since before it was a buzzword.

Stronger together

For each project we form a custom-built team from 8 hand-picked industry experts, who come together to produce great results for you. It’s our secret sauce, as you are always helped by people who have seen it all before.

In fifteen years of collaborating and creating, we’ve created enterprise web applications, websites for embassies, a shed load of e-commerce, helped train teams to adapt to digital, and taken on (and pulled off) more “It can’t be done” projects than sane people would.