How do I check my version of Symfony?

It’s very helpful to know which version of the Symfony framework you’re using, and so here’s a quick guide to how you find which Symfony version you’re running.

If you have command line access to the project

Try running each of the following at the command prompt until you get an answer. I show a sample response for each:

$ php bin/console --version
Symfony 7.0.1 (env: prod, debug: false)
$ php app/console --version
Symfony version 2.4.1 - app/dev/debug
$ php ./symfony --version
symfony version 1.4.21-punkave (/var/www/p/releases/20200504161617/lib/vendor/symfony/lib)

If your project is running on Microsoft Windows, change the / to \ in the calls above.

If you have file system access to the project

Can’t run a command, or only have access to the project files? See if one of the following files exists:


Found it? Look inside the file for a line like:

const VERSION = '5.0.4';

that’s the Symfony version number.

Did neither file exist? You may be running a much older version of Symfony. Have a look for this file:


If it exists, look inside and find the line that looks like this:

define('SYMFONY_VERSION', '1.4.21-punkave');