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Symfony is an enterprise level PHP framework which I've used to great effect since 2008. Symfony has a thriving community, strong commercial backing, and a cast-iron pledge on support and backwards-compatibility, important for business software living 5+ years.

New Symfony projects

For custom business software and API gateways, 90% of the time the Symfony framework delivers the best value for you. For new Symfony applications, take a look at our New Digital services page. As part of the package we can set up Symfony hosting in certified data centres.

Keeping Symfony applications running

Times change. You’ve had skilled staff in-house and they’ve moved on. You’re left with a Symfony project and no one internal to support it.

Or you’ve decided to move on from your current agency, and you need a developer to extract the project (your project that you paid for!) from the agency, give you back control, and be on call when needed.

If that’s you, look no further. You follow dozens of companies who choose me to adopt, support and develop their Symfony applications.

Peter is one of the best I have worked with. It’s his pro-active input that I find so valuable. He will challenge decisions and use his experience to eliminate potential pitfalls early-on, enhancing the end result.
Warren Ryland
Marketing Director, London

Supporting legacy Symfony projects

Head to our dedicated legacy Symfony page for more details.

Updating to Symfony 5 or Symfony 4 LTS

There are good reasons to upgrade a legacy application to the latest version of Symfony. This can be required by regulatory and compliance, for PHP compatibility reasons, to allow modern development to take place, or to prevent technical debt mounting up.

While I strive to keep all Symfony projects I’m responsible for within one version of the latest release, I can tailor this to your requirements.

Symfony consulting

If you’ve inherited a Symfony website or your in-house team lacks expertise, book a consultation with me. I can advise, and provide tailored one-to-one coaching and group training.

I deliver digital projects that increase sales and reduce costs for companies including:

Migrating PHP applications to Symfony

Modernise your existing PHP software by integrating Symfony into the codebase. This can be the first step to a full rewrite into Symfony, or a way to decouple new development from the old codebase.

I’ve done this for software processing £000,000s of sales and for niche business systems. Key features are:

Deployment, hosting and ongoing support

Whether you want to move your existing Symfony application from one hosting provider or agency to another, or you want to improve the website performance and response times, I provide hosting and application performance consulting. Past successes have included increasing throughput by 900% and decreasing load times by 500%.

If misconfigured, Symfony can be slow. This is not usually a terminal problem and can be sorted out - often through a couple of minor changes.

Why choose Peter?

✅ Experience. I’ve developed digital services for:

  • Recruitment agencies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Financial services & Insurers
  • Charities and not-for-profits
  • Medical and bio labs
  • E-commerce and POS retailers
  • Business consulting, report generation
  • Comparison sites
  • Art galleries & print-on-demand
  • Ticketing providers & Booking platforms
  • Identity verification and age verification

✅ I specialise in bespoke business software:

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Output interactive reports
  • Output print reports and PDFs
  • Financial calculations
  • Psychometric test results
  • Bidirectional data sync between systems
  • Booking and Event management

✅ I’m experienced integrating with external services:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, ExactTarget
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 and on-prem
  • FileMaker
  • Sage, Xero and FreeAgent
  • Payment processors (Stripe, Braintree, SagePay, HSBC, WorldPay, GoCardless, TransferWise... the list goes on)
  • Hardware devices (badge printers, card readers, turnstiles)

I build long-lasting relationships with my clients, so the service you receive is everything.

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