Symfony, the high performance PHP framework

Symfony Development & Consulting

For custom application and API development, 90% of the time the Symfony framework delivers the best value to clients. Symfony is an enterprise level PHP framework and I’ve used it since 2008. The project has a thriving community, strong commercial backing, and a cast-iron pledge on support and compatibility, which is important for business software living 5 years or longer.

Are you looking for a specialist, dedicated Symfony team for a complex web build? Our Hampshire-based Symfony framework developers have specialised in Symfony since its first release.

I can provide a dedicated team, or we are equally happy working alongside your internal team

Developed Symfony applications for customers in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia(?).

New Symfony projects

You have a product or service you want developed, we’ll build it in Symfony.

Legacy Symfony applications

With Symfony starting in 2006, there are a lot of business-critical applications in production that are no longer looked after by their original developers.

Keeping legacy applications running

Where the security risk is acceptable there’s nothing wrong with keeping a Symfony 1.4+ application in production. Often these systems run internally to a company and aren’t exposed on the Internet, greatly reducing the attack surface.

Modernizing legacy Symfony applications

Often though, there’s a case for updating it to work on a newer version of Symfony.

Symfony consulting

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Migrating PHP applications to Symfony

I have extensive (cue an “I’ve seen too much” look in my eyes) experience of integrating Symfony into existing codebases. This can be the first step to a full rewrite into Symfony, or a way to decouple new development from the old codebase.

Deployment and hosting

Whether you want to move your existing Symfony application from one hosting provider or agency to another, or you want to improve the website performance and response times, I provide hosting and performance consulting, increasing sites by 900%

Symfony codebase audits

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Symfony maintenance plans

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