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Thanks to the bespoke software Peter developed for us, in six months we saved $65,000.

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Discover digital direction

Our flagship event had grown in size and complexity and our team were struggling to manage all of the delegate data on spreadsheets.

Peter quickly understood our needs, challenged our assumptions, and brought clarity to our thinking. With our new system in place we're able to manage the data with ease, freeing our staff to focus on running a top-quality event and growing numbers even further.

Ollie Brown
Digital Manager, UCCF

Secure funding and launch

To launch the UK's first unbank, we needed to demonstrate our idea to investors.

Working closely with us, Peter designed and evolved a prototype, adapting it based on investor feedback. Pitching this prototype, we secured £1m funding before launching to the public. Today we have a growing customer base and closed another £2.6m investments.

Alex Letts
Chief Executive, Ffrees Family Finance

Convert more prospects

Peter had already saved us $65,000 in 6 months and dramatically improved cashflow via automation, so we asked him to help improve our conversion rate.

By integrating an industry-leading CRM, sales and marketing platform into our business system, within six months our conversion rate is up by 47% and we are closing 56% more sales on the same volume of calls.

Jeff Martin
CEO, DNA Services of America

Focus on growth

Our online application process always worked. But we knew we were losing thousands of potential customers deterred by a complex UX.

Peter worked with us to devise, test and implement a faster, easier digital application process usable on any device. The results shocked us: a 50% year-on-year increase in sales and payback in 1 year.

Andrew Chevis
CEO, CitizenCard

Peter delivers digital projects that increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.
His work has benefitted companies including:

Peter is one of the best I have worked with. It’s his pro-active input that I find so valuable. He will challenge decisions and use his experience to eliminate potential pitfalls early-on, enhancing the end result.

Companies such as DΧC hire me for
digital expertise

From my office in Hampshire I deliver custom software and web applications for businesses, charities and NGOs across the globe.


Understand what's possible, what will make a financial difference, and what will improve productivity.


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