Symfony expertise and ETL for a healthtech startup

Client: Medicus Health
Services: Symfony, Data migration, ETL pipelines

Medicus is a UK-based healthtech startup building a better patient record system for NHS GPs in England. Their system focuses on the needs of both clinicians and patients by design.

We worked as consultants with Medicus in 2022 and 2023, starting initially to improve the performance of their clinical system, which is built on Symfony and VueJS and uses CQRS and Domain-Driven Design (DDD).

We then led the full-stack development of their integration and API products , working closely with their product owner and business analyst to ensure NHS clinical and legal safety requirements were met. Developing the API products was challenging as it required us to quickly become familiar with all areas of the Medicus software, including the NHS Spine and the new Electronic Prescribing System, but one we rose to!

“Maple Design were professional from first interaction through to completion the project with us. NHS integrations are complex and require a good working knowledge of engineering best practices, combined with an appetite for understanding the domain. The team at Maple Design provided both.”
Tim Gray
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Medicus Health

After taking responsibility for a large refactoring, we overhauled the ETL data pipeline that imports data about medicines from the NHS medicines database (dm+d), SNOMED CT, First Data Bank (FDB) and formulary data sources, and makes it available to clinicians, and migrated the data store from MySQL to PostgreSQL. We finally advised how the entire data pipeline could be simplified to make it easier to test and maintain.

“As a result of their work we have a solid foundation for maintaining the various reference databases that are required to provide a safe and stable platform to our customers. Thank you.”
Tim Gray
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Medicus Health

Everything we developed was covered by multiple unit, integration and functional tests run via Continuous Integration (CI) and had to pass strict code reviews. Part of our role was to contribute to formal and informal code reviews.

Medicus began its nationwide rollout to GP services in 2023 and we look forward to it becoming the new standard in medical practices.

Git · SQL · Terraform · Domain-Driven Design (DDD) · CQRS · PostgreSQL · TypeScript · Node.js · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · PHP · Vue.js


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