Support for old versions of Symfony

Keep your older Symfony applications running well and securely, with our Symfony upgrade and support services

Symfony was released in 2006, and there are business-critical applications relying on old and unsupported versions of Symfony. Keeping old PHP software running is a specialist skill, and I'm proud of our track record of supporting and upgrading older Symfony projects.

New life for older Symfony applications

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Keep Symfony running

Keep your legacy Symfony web application running efficiently, safely and without errors.

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Upgrade Symfony

Take advantage of the security and performance improvements newer versions bring.

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Improve your application

Evolve rather than replace your existing Symfony application. Adapt to the business in a cost-effective way.

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You’re in safe hands

We’ve been working with Symfony since 2008 and used every version from Symfony 1.2 onwards.

You follow dozens of companies who choose us to update and develop their Symfony applications. Contact Peter to discuss your situation today.

Recent projects include

Keep your critical Symfony projects running

Business applications have a long life, and in today’s economic climate it isn’t cost effective to replace them.

Whether your application is built on Symfony 4, Symfony 3 or even symfony 1.4, we will support you to keep it secure, stable and aligned with your business requirements.

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Upgrade to Symfony 6 or Symfony 5.4 LTS

If you can, there are good reasons to update a legacy Symfony application to newer releases of Symfony. Upgrading Symfony can be required by regulatory and compliance, for PHP compatibility reasons, to allow modern development to take place, and to prevent technical debt mounting up.

Depending on your situation,we can upgrade your application all at once, or piece by piece. Contact Peter for a free, no-obligation consultation and we’ll advise what’s best for your situation.

Example: We updated a 6 year old Symfony 2.4 app to Symfony 5, replacing dependencies and rewriting sections to work with PHP7.

Upgrade Symfony to stay secure

Older versions of Symfony no longer receive security updates, leaving your web applications potentially vulnerable.

If your older Symfony systems run on your intranet then you are less exposed and there are fewer ways they can be attacked.

You should always upgrade Symfony if possible. However where the security risk is acceptable to you I can keep your Symfony 1.4, Symfony2 or Symfony 3 applications in production (if you don’t know what you’re running, see how to find your Symfony version).

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Continue to develop your legacy Symfony application

We find there’s a lot of confusion over whether you can - and should - continue to develop an application on an older version of Symfony. A common theme we hear from clients is “We spoke to an agency and they said we’d have to throw everything away and start with a new application, which is expensive. Can you help?”.

In 95% of cases our answer is “Yes, you can add features”. We can and we do save companies from what, in our view, is unproductive expenditure.

Should you add features or start with a new application? This is impossible to say without more context, but our view is: once security is covered this should be dictated by business priorities, not by your web agency. As business-owners ourselves, we take a pragmatic, business-focused approach. If the application still works, develop it.

Talk to Peter today and find out if building on your current Symfony application is right for your situation.

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Why choose Peter?

✅ Experience. I’ve developed digital services for:

  • Recruitment agencies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Financial services & Insurers
  • Charities and not-for-profits
  • Medical and bio labs
  • E-commerce and POS retailers
  • Business consulting, report generation
  • Comparison sites
  • Art galleries & print-on-demand
  • Ticketing providers & Booking platforms
  • Identity verification and age verification

✅ I specialise in bespoke business software:

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Output interactive reports
  • Output print reports and PDFs
  • Financial calculations
  • Psychometric test results
  • Bidirectional data sync between systems
  • Booking and Event management

✅ I’m experienced integrating with external services:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, ExactTarget
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 and on-prem
  • FileMaker
  • Sage, Xero and FreeAgent
  • Payment processors (Stripe, Braintree, SagePay, HSBC, WorldPay, GoCardless, TransferWise... the list goes on)
  • Hardware devices (badge printers, card readers, turnstiles)

I build long-lasting relationships with my clients, so the service you receive is everything.