MODX Developers

When you need a MODX developer, you need the talent at Maple. As software engineers, we develop applications you need on the MODX content management framework

Trusted by agencies and clients alike, with over 70 MODX projects under our belt we’re one of the most experienced MODX development agencies in the UK. We've watched MODX agencies come and go, while we continue to do what we do best: provide great service, and help you get leads/make money/raise donations.

Experienced at MODX development

Whether your MODX website needs a tune-up, a design refresh or new functionality; or your starting a brand new MODX website: we're here to develop it with you.

Custom MODX extras to fit your needs

The MODX Extras directory is full of useful pre-packaged extensions for MODX, but frequently clients have unique needs. We've written extras for over a decade and wrote a precursor to the current extras system in 2008, so we bring a lot of expertise to bear on your projects.

Experienced PHP developers

Many MODX agencies come from a design background. We come from a software development and programming background, and bring the rigor of that to developing MODX framework-backed web applications. We've integrated MODX with Sage Accounting software, with Salesforce, with Pardot and other Marketing Platforms. We've added financial reporting engines to MODX; developed workflows for staff to follow and delivered it all on-time and on-budget.

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