MODX Ecommerce

Sell digital and physical goods through your MODX website using our ecommerce offerings

Add online sales to your MODX CMS website. Whether you're selling physical or digital goods, getting visitors to become customers is the most important step. In this coronavirus era, being able to make that sale is more important than ever.

Commerce for MODX

Developed by modmore, Commerce is the latest and most powerful e-commerce system for MODX. Extensible and with 20+ addons available to add features like X and Y with a couple of clicks, your online store can be as comprehensive as you need.


SimpleCart is a simpler ecommerce system and is ideal for smaller shops. It contains a lot of features to create your shop as you prefer.

Headless Shopify

Shopify is an awesome and popular ecommerce platform. Now you can use it embedded within your MODX website, having the best of both worlds: a comprehensive, fully-supported ecommerce platform with thousands of addons, and the best-of-breed MODX content management system.

Headless, running the storefront separately from the ecommerce backend, is valuable in these fast moving times. Trends change and separating your commerce platform from your front-end website lets you swap CMS's, agencies and integrate ecommerce into any platform - even billboards and mobile apps. Headless commerce is anywhere commerce.

Building a headless integration is not cheap, because much of what we consider standard ecommerce features have to be recreated. It provides an amazing brand experience and supports unbounded innovation, but if you're doing less than $10m online we recommend a standard Shopify shop, themed to match your website and with deep linking between the two.

Integrated with the systems your business counts on

It's easy to overlook the pieces you need your ecommerce store to communicate with. Systems like your ERP, CRM, PIM, CMS (WordPress or MODX) or design library.

At Maple Design we've 21 years' experience of software systems integration, linking together the software systems your business relies on. People think it's boring, but we love it!

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